3 Tips for making a work trip WITH a toddler enjoyable

3 Tips for making a work trip WITH a toddler enjoyable

You know you are a mother when a family vacation feels like work and a solo trip to the grocery store feels like a vacation. But when both M and I had some work to do in Chicago we thought it sounded like a great idea to try to make it a fun getaway for the whole family.

And it worked.

Although I had been to Chicago before, I had always thought that it was called the Windy City because of the busy airport. Turns out that it actually got that nick name because its’ politicians were (are?) full of hot air. So, of course it seemed like a natural place for PWL to explore.

Fun times doing some work with CSPAN
Fun times doing some work with CSPAN

1. Location, Location, LOCATION

We stayed in an amazing hotel. If we hadn’t stayed at the Hyatt McCormick Place, my “take your toddler to work with you” adventure could have been a disaster. But the rooms, service and grounds at Hyatt McCormick Place kept both working parents happy and our child safe.


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Political Soccer Moms

Soccer moms are a soughtafter cohort in political elections. Yet little is being done to get them invested in the political party process outside of election season. Whether it be because of long standing institutions or once-upon-a-time biological necessity that shaped these institutions, the female experience is often much different than that of the men.

Political conventions are no exception.

A snapshot from the baby suite. A lot of the excitement is not shown!
A snapshot from the baby suite. A lot of the excitement is not shown!

I have been involved in politics my entire adult life. I have attended many political conventions prior to marrying a politician and becoming a mother. However, two weekends ago was the first political convention that I attended as the mom of an active toddler.

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6 Tips For Surviving Solo Parenting

There are so many themes in Political Wife Life that non political spouses can identify with!

The 1950’s style family where one parent goes to the office and comes home at 5 p.m. while one parent stays home and runs the house is no longer the norm.

Solo parenting (where the parents are still in a relationship, but one person tends to do a majority of the parenting because the other parent works extremely long hours or is away for an extended period of time) is becoming more common. This has always been a reality for military families and political families.

Rocking Solo Parenting with the help of BABY WEARING
Rocking Solo Parenting with the help of BABY WEARING

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My “Big Fat Greek” tip about Children and the Media

In her book “Instant Mom,” actress Nia Vardalos (most well known for creating and starring in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) talks about coming to terms with the media attention her newly adopted daughter was garnering. Her solution? FACE PAINT! Every time they went in public they painted her daughter, Ilaria’s, face like a cat to provide her some anonymity in her newly famous life.


AG and I had a chance to try out a cute disguise at our most recent event. Thanks to an attendee for sending it in!


Politics and… Diapers?

“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”
—Mark Twain


Help end child poverty with your political t-shirts. Seriously.



Yes, cloth diapers.

We all have our passions. Michelle Obama’s may be healthy living. Mine is cloth diapers.

I was unsure on how to incorporate my passion for cloth diapers into my blog about being a political wife. But as luck would have it, the very first feedback note I received via the blog was a request for a post about being about cloth diapering.


Haute Couture for Political Babies.

This week is also “Diaper Need Awareness Week.” Did you know 1 in 3 families worry about being able to afford diapers?

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