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Why Heidi Cruz Kicks Butt

Although this is a non-partisan blog, I am going to be very honest and just come out and say it: Heidi Cruz kicks butt. If she was running for President, it is likely I would vote for her.


1. Heidi is extremely driven (and really smart too).
Her mother claims that in the 5
th grade Heidi announced that she was going to Harvard Business School.  Eighteen years later she had not only completed her BA at Claremont and her master’s in European Business from Strausbourg, she was also standing in line to receive her M.B.A at Harvard.  Suffice it to say this is a woman who was born driven.


2. Heidi is a political geek in her own right. 
She began to develop an early interest and passion for politics and international studies, visiting DC for the first time at 8 years old.  By the time she was twenty-eight she had not only received several advanced degrees but met the man she would marry while working on Republican nominee George Bush’s 2000 campaign.

3. She has found a way to make her marriage to a politician work (and still kick butt in her career).
Ted Cruz and Heidi spent countless hours working on the Bush campaign, and later under his administration. They married in 2001 after a brief but intense courtship.

While Cruz worked as associate deputy attorney general, Heidi worked under the Bush administration’s National Security Council under Condoleeza Rice.  Her husband moved back to Texas to work as the Solicitor General of Texas. Eventually Heidi followed.  Apparently she and I both share the opinion that long separations make for unhealthy marriages—especially in politics.

Even though she holds the demanding job as an investment manager at Goldman Sachs, Heidi has served as the Southwest Region Head until Ted’s recent run for the White House.  She has taken a leave of absence without pay to help him campaign.

4. Heidi is married to her best friend.
At the 2nd presidential debate Ted Cruz identified himself as “the husband to my best friend”, apparently something that those around him know to be true. I am a sucker for sentiments like this.

The couple is known, as many often are, as a case of opposites attracting and working out.  Where he is stoic and shy, she is outgoing and vivacious.  She is known as being a warm person, someone people feel inclined to talk to (and give money to), and someone who is strong in her beliefs.  In their relationship, she is considered the more outgoing partner, and the one who is able to make people laugh. She definitely seems to be a great fit for political wife life.

Heidi brings her hard work, brilliance and warmth to her husband’s political campaign so it should come as no surprise that on the campaign trail she has personally done more of the calls and fundraising than anyone else on the team.

5. Heidi is human
Like many people, Heidi has had some issues with depression.

A note about depression: Depression is real. But one of the most difficult things about it is that you don’t always know how bad it was until you start to feel better. There is no shame in depression. Even the brilliant, driven and vivacious Heidi Cruz has suffered from it. If you feel crappy and hopeless, please realize that it is a common illness and there is help. But we need to talk about it.

As a political wife, it is so encouraging to see other women who have managed to have amazing careers and make their marriages to politicians work. As a mom, I get excited that my daughter has smart women like Heidi Cruz to look up to.

Whether or not Heidi becomes First Lady, she has proven that she is a formidable and driven individual, capable of accomplishing goals that she sets for herself.  From her academics to her career, she has pushed herself to success. 

Heidi Cruz is one of the most fascinating women on the campaign trail—including those running. I wish Heidi Cruz lived closer because she kicks butt and I would love to have her as a friend and mentor.

Mrs. Cruz, if you’re reading this, I’ll come volunteer on your 2020 Presidential Nomination Campaign. 🙂

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  1. Outstanding article! I like the contrast between this post and your post about Mrs. Rubio. Two different men and women and I like the clear differentiation without direct contrast between the two. Without a doubt you have convinced me that Heidi Cruz is THE political woman to look up to. What a great insight you provided into her life and ambitions and also her struggles. It is very nice to know that someone who has dealt with depression has come out on top of things. I thoroughly enjoyed your writing on Mrs. Cruz, bravo!

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