Life Changing 2018

How would you rate 2018? Did you set any big goals and reach them? 2018 was big for our family in so many ways!  Here are my “Top 9” photos that I picked to symbolize what 2018 meant to me.

1) What: The Sheer Dress (aka the Ultimate LBD)
What it means to me: The reason I started Political Wife Life

A little black dress (LBD) has always symbolized Political Wife Life for me. So much so that it is the logo. The perfect LBD has always embodied timelessness, poise, versatility, and self-assurance. When you find the perfect LBD your confidence increases. I was so excited to discover this dress and this amazing company! The best part is that the Sheer Dress looks good on all body types!
And the Sheer Dress is currently having a 40% off sale until the end of 2018 with the code HAPPYNEWYEAR  Click here! Yes, the dress is that amazing, and no, they are not paying me to write this.

However, this photo is about more than just a dress, it symbolizes the rebirth of my passion for my blog and supporting women who find themselves in the public eye without a guide. You can expect a lot more activity on this blog in 2019!

2) What: Y’all I got new glasses (and contact lenses) and I can see so much better. 
What it means to me: Finding my WHY and mapping it out. In 2018 I got very clear on my vision for the future and what I need to do to achieve my life calling. Obviously, this will be a blog post on it’s own in the future. 

Lobster season in Halifax, N.S.

3) What: Lobster Poutine in Halifax 
What it means to me: Spending time with friends.
This summer’s trip to Halifax was one of the most fun trips I have ever been on (thanks to the people we spent it with). We were also there for a convention, which always feels like a family reunion. Plus, it was lobster season in Halifax. Need I say more?

4) What: Things aren’t always what they seem.
What it means to me: Death and Grieving. 
This picture is not what it seems. It probably appears the happiest and most brightly coloured out of the nine but it symbolizes grief for me. I purchased these two toys for a friend’s little boy who was having surgery. They became his favourite toys and then became a symbol of him for his family after he passed away a few months later. This beautiful, grieving family has taught me so much about life, faith, and grief. I am so grateful on how vulnerable and open they are with their story.

5) What: St Patrick’s day in the Dominican Republic. 
What it means to me: Happiness and Peace
This picture just makes me happy. It was the only all-inclusive beach vacation I have ever been on. I remember sitting in a little cabana by the ocean thinking “whenever I need to be happy and peaceful; I will come back to this moment.” And I do. 

6) What: Perogies and Cottage life
What it means to me: The world loves fried cabs and bacon (nothing profound here).
Me holding a batch of perogies I just “made” (not from scratch) during my favourite week of the year, the week we join friends (who feel like family) at a cottage. Apparently, my Instagram followers like perogies too because this pic got a lot “of likes.”

7) What: Me drinking a glass of celery juice.
What it means to me: Investing in myself so that I am able to fulfil my destiny. 
I have always exhausted easily. Yes, I can be happier and seem more energetic than most people, but then I crash–for weeks sometimes. Once I became clear on my calling and my vision for the future I realized that I wasn’t able to stay awake long enough to accomplish all the activities I needed. So I took a big step and invested in my health to so that I can achieve my purpose.

8) What: Me taking photos at the top of a mountain.
What it means to me: 2018

*Cue Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” (cheesy but perfect)
Wow! What a year! 2018 and was. If I only chose one photo to represent 2018, it would be this one. There were exciting advancements in my husband’s career which made our lives much busier. I set a crazy business goal and hit it but then wasn’t able to maintain it. That broke my heart. I allowed myself two hours to cry, and then I kicked myself in the butt and made a plan for success. This year I truly learned that the road to success not only the up and down but it is a path that goes up, down, and north, south, east, and west. 

9) What: My newborn nieceWhat it means to me: Rebirth (duh) 
You don’t need a New Year or a Monday to start over. If you are still breathing, then you have an amazing opportunity! We should all get that tattooed on ourselves.
Fun Fact: I am the second oldest of 10 kids, and until September I was the only person to have a child. Sibling #7 had a baby girl this fall and I am FINALLY an aunt! New life is always so fun–especially when you just get to spoil it and not get up in the night!

Thank you for joining me on this reflection. I can’t wait to grow with you in 2019!
Please tag me (@politicalwifelife) in your favourite Instagram photo! I would love to know why your photo is meaningful to you!


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