Political Wife Life: THEN

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When M was first elected, the work I did was flexible enough that I was able to go back and forth to the capital with him. I travelled a bit with my job but was mainly based out of our apartment in the capital.

M would go to work and I would be a stay-at-home dog mom/sub-contractor. I would do some computer work Hugh Hefner style (aka in my bathrobe—not with a mansion full of models) and usually have time to grab a coffee with a friend.

Then, Political Wife Life would start. At 4 p.m. I would shower, very professionally apply my makeup (I was young and carefree with ample time to primp), put in some hair extensions, and then do the event circuit with MM.

Usually, there were multiple fundraisers for M’s colleagues each evening, but charity events were also on the docket. All in all, 3 nights a week, I would meet interesting people and have the opportunity to chat with people who were at the top of their industries. Definitely one of the upsides of PWL.

I gained a bit of weight that year. It was one of my most sedentary phases of my life. A daily menu of free booze and appetizers can really sneak up on you.

And what is with those mini burgers (“sliders”)? They are everywhere!




Political Wife Hack: Don’t eat the top bun! Skip the “filler” part of the appetizers and just enjoy main substance.


You may think “Hey, I’ll just skip the mostly sub-par food on the fundraising circuit and just enjoy the complimentary liquid libations.” Sure, perhaps it sounds good, but you’ll end up being the annoying drunk person.




Take my advice: don’t be the annoying drunk person. Oh yes, and don’t eat the top bun.