6 Tips For Surviving Solo Parenting

There are so many themes in Political Wife Life that non political spouses can identify with!

The 1950’s style family where one parent goes to the office and comes home at 5 p.m. while one parent stays home and runs the house is no longer the norm.

Solo parenting (where the parents are still in a relationship, but one person tends to do a majority of the parenting because the other parent works extremely long hours or is away for an extended period of time) is becoming more common. This has always been a reality for military families and political families.

Rocking Solo Parenting with the help of BABY WEARING
Rocking Solo Parenting with the help of BABY WEARING

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My “Big Fat Greek” tip about Children and the Media

In her book “Instant Mom,” actress Nia Vardalos (most well known for creating and starring in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) talks about coming to terms with the media attention her newly adopted daughter was garnering. Her solution? FACE PAINT! Every time they went in public they painted her daughter, Ilaria’s, face like a cat to provide her some anonymity in her newly famous life.


AG and I had a chance to try out a cute disguise at our most recent event. Thanks to an attendee for sending it in!