Welcome To My Zoo

Welcome to Political Wife Life. My name is Kate and, well, I am a political wife.

For a while I used to be “just” a political wife. Then I became a political wife/zoo keeper/business owner.



The Zoo


And now I am a political wife/zoo keeper/political mom.


Baby AG joins the Zoo


My young daughter, AG, family pets and I, travel back and forth to the capital with my husband, M, every week. Most often, if M’s politicking takes him all over God’s green earth, AG and I join him there too (though we try to leave most of the zoo at home on extended road trips).

Political families traveling as a unit are quite rare. As a result, it can be lonely—very lonely.

When people are elected to office, there is training and support available to them. However, there is usually little or nothing in ways of training or support for their spouses.

This blog is a non-partisan survival guide for political spouses.

I will share tips, hacks and how to deal with the unique/bizarre situations political wives find themselves in. And what would a blog be without personal anecdotes of hilarity and horrors?

Welcome to PWL . Thanks for coming and welcome to my zoo.

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